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What is it that we do?

Instead of having to drive around and talk to salesmen at every car lot around or visit tons of websites we do our best to find the most competitive pricing on various makes and models.

You can either browse our "Deals of the month" or simply fill out a short form with the details of the vehicle you're seeking and we will locate it for you! As soon as we have paired you up with the automobile best suited for you one of our employees will call or e-mail you!

With our service we save you time and money! Our revolutionary method is changing the car industry for the better...


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Get Pre-Owned (used) cars, discounts on vehicles, specials and more! There's always safe, certified, cheap, discounted vehicles for sale.



POST TITLE ONE: 18-10-2020
Get Your CERTIFIED pre-owned vehicle today, why wait when you could be cruising in your new ride!


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This is the only LOCAL car locater website that I know of. Come on hoosiers, let's get you a GREAT deal on a certified pre-owned vehicle today!